Having worked with and for a variety of clients, publishers, artists and fellow professionals on creative and corporate projects for over 25 years, Paul has managed to garner a few fans. Here’s some well-deserved testimonial evidence – and favourable comparisons with Andy Warhol, red wine and Zooey Deschanel.

PS: And in fact, here’s some glowing feedback from an emerging choreographer whose show he reviewed in June 2017:

‘Hi Paul – I am writing to thank you for your review of Qualia. It is rare that reviewers these days contextualise a work or speak of it with reference to wider discourse/practice. I think these things are so important and appreciate that you took the time to do so! I am delighted to have a review which speaks not only of my work, but also to the fields of performance and philosophy. I look forward to keeping up with your future reviews.’

– Caitlin Dear: Director/choreographer

And here’s the review she liked so much: Qualia review


So yeah, pretty cool, huh? Oh, and here’s some more fan gush.

“So we asked ourselves, what if we could jump in a time machine and go back and work with someone like say, Andy Warhol? So we looked around for someone completely edgy, creative and totally leftfield. Combine all that with total professionalism and reliability and ‘voila’, Paul Ransom. Having worked with Paul for three of our film clips now, we are sure that we will continue this very outstanding creative partnership.”

– Matt Cahill: Singer/songwriter, Evoletah.

“Endeavouring to match Paul’s gift with words, I ask myself: ‘If Paul were a red wine, what would he be?’ Fortunately, someone has already helped me here and I’ve come to the conlcusion that he would be a Zinfandel: the amusing eccentric. Interesting in his own way … people that understand him love him – those that don’t, can go jump. And the Zinfandel has been likened to the wonderful Zooey Deschanel. I’d take that anyday! But lighthearted comedy aside, Paul is a consummate professional who has a wonderful way with words, the ability to form solid relationships with anyone, and an absolute heart of gold. And all of this with a creative edge that we need in our lives. Writing, editing, directing, Paul Ransom is all class.”

– Angus Macpherson: Live Production Manager, St Kilda Festival.

“Paul Ransom has the gift of communication. He is very articulate and creative able to convey ideas and concepts in a very clear and precise way. He is a great team member, works to tight deadlines and is a fantastic contributor. I highly recommend Paul if you want to maximise your creativity and communications.”

– Eddie Postma: Film Producer.

“Paul as editor, was instrumental in successfully launching, establishing and maintaining the two publications we created in Port Douglas; re:port [monthly magazine] and port:table [restaurant guide]. His creativity and excellence in both creative writing and layout, as well as editing other contributors’ material, always ensured our deadlines were well and truly met. He expertly advised and guided the printer’s graphic artists in layout and ‘assembly’ of publications to make them popular [and indeed collectible] features in Port Douglas for locals and visitors alike.”

– Stefan Hallin: Publisher, re:port & port:table.

“I found Paul to be incredibly clear in his creative vision and with the utmost professionalism, carry it through to completion. He created layers of depth and meaning to the music in both clips he directed and designed for us [Evoletah]. A pleasure to work with.”

– Katie Underwood: Singer/songwriter.

“Paul brings the creative edge to any business; he understands that the only thing on the other side of a missed deadline is failure; he inspires students to excellence.”

– David Watt: Publisher Liquid Space, Education Manager, Kathryn Dean School.

“Wow, it’s 24 years Paul and I have known each other. In all that time he’s never let me down on an assignment, deadline, cheerful word or with helpful advice.”

– Alex Wheaton: Managing Editor, dB Magazine.

“Paul Ransom is a reliable and dedicated writer. His creativity immensely improves the arts content in The Music. Stay cool :)”

– Cassandra Fumi: National Arts & Culture Editor, The Music.

“I have worked with Paul Ransom for many years now and always enjoy dealing with him. He is a true lover of the arts, a lovely person and a fantastic writer.”

– Clea Woods: Senior Publicist, Mollison Communications.

“Paul is an immensely thorough, capable and multi-skilled writer and reviewer. All my interactions with him have been highly enjoyable and I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future.”

– Claire Hielscher, Marketing Manager, Dancehouse.

“Paul is an artist remarkable for his compassion and generosity. As an author he is adept and as a collaborator he offers great wisdom and support. His strokes of lyrical wisdom populate the shadows of my words and for this I am ever grateful.”

– Eva Sifis, Creator/performer, Embryonic Zombie Butterfly.

“In the many years I’ve known and worked with Paul, he has always exuded an unfaltering enthusiasm for his work as a writer. His unique mix of wit, creativity and intellectual curiosity only ever results in original, interesting and enlightening writings. He quickly takes on board any requests, can advise if necessary, and will meet all set deadlines without fail. Whether you are looking for a writer who can pen quippy and engaging website copy, or an in-depth article, Paul can do both, bringing to the table his unique style that consistently captures the reader.”

– Alida Tomaszewski: Eighty Wings Productions.

“Paul Ransom is an enlightened creative writer and director. He is at his brilliant best when working to deadlines, be they man-made or nature’s. Innovative, focused, inclusive and passionate – Paul is a gifted story-teller.”

– David Willey, Investment Consultant.