Paul Ransom is a huge film fan and, having taught drama & film at the tertiary level, he was always gonna find a way to pursue his passion.

Since he began writing & directing screen content seriously (as in, for money & public consumption) in 2009 he has made a bunch of stuff:

  • Short films
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Crowd funding videos
  • Bilingual TV content (Mandarin/English)
  • Documentaries

Here below, three ‘featurettes’ that show off his eclecticism (and his natty way of acting very director like).

Y Gap 5 Cent Cmapign TVC (2014)

Turning The Tide (2015)

Halfway (2013)


However, for a truer picture of Paul’s style, check his award winning 2011 post-modern, minimalist art film – the meta romance TWO. (Oh yeah – it does run to 53 mins; cos we did say art, right?)



CONTACT PAUL if you’re curious about any of these projects or indeed you’d like him to write & direct screen content for you:


+61 (0) 417 837 231


Paul’s film fandom takes in things like Almodovar, Bunuel, Coen Bros, Godard, Haneke, Hitchcock, Kieslowski, Lean, Leigh, Lynch, Malick, Sorrentino, Tarantino, von Trier, Wenders and Wong Kar Wai.