About Paul

Paul Ransom is an arty, super creative gun for hire. Apart from being, like, cool and smart and production savvy and everything, he does this kinda stuff:

  • Writes – articles, bios, web copy, ad copy, etc
  • Directs – music video, corporate video, films
  • Consults – creatively mostly, y’know, thinking as though boxes never existed
  • Creates love letters to order – so if you’re having trouble expressing yourself …

CONTACT PAUL about any or all of these matters:


+61 (0) 417 837 231

Since he began working in the media in 1992 he has published thousands of articles in print and online around Australia, in the UK, US and China. He has made niche TV content in the Sino/Oz space, directed music videos, corporate videos and short films.

Like this sorta stuff:

Arts criticism

Political opinion

Girly pop video

Crowd funding video

Love letter blog

And here below is a short documentary ‘abstract’ (which contains traces of contemporary dance) that Paul put together in 2015/16 across a couple of visits to Gansu Province in China.


Paul is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He quite literally lives in a loft in a groovy, boho inner suburb where good coffee is almost continuously available. However, he does not have a nineteenth century beard and is not part of the retro cult surrounding donuts and beaten up bicycles; although he does get his bread from a boutique French style bakery. He is also a fan of the French New Wave and often wears black. And yep, he is kinda skinny too – for his age, that is.

Oh yeah – and he wants us to mention that he is looking to create two new offshoot indents: Skinny Indie and The Love Letter Guy.


If you prefer to play it safe – or if you like beige, focus groups and marketing orthodoxy – Paul is sooo not your guy. Sorry.