Speed Dating

Okay, so this is Paul’s baby. Speed Dating is his feature film project, and what an unashamedly arty beast it is. But more than that, it’s got a really cool and unexpected hook. Are you ready?


Speed Dating is a ground-breaking modular mystery for the digital age, where you are invited to solve the mystery by cutting your very own version of the film. It is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style film that utilises digital technology to let you to cut & share your own version of the film.

If a serial killer went to a speed dating event – would it be for love … or blood? At a suburban speed dating event, no one is who they seem to be. All we know is that one is a killer, one is a cop and someone will become the next target. But who is who?

Okay, so we’re intrigued. Let’s watch the trailer.

In Speed Dating the action takes place across a series of short, interlocking vignettes and as we gradually come to know the characters we are directly challenged to work out how much we can ever truly ‘know’ about anybody else. Because with Speed Dating – you will make the final judgement call. Who do you think the killer is? The cop? And who should be running for their life?

By short, interlocking vignettes, we mean something like this (a sample scene Paul shot in October 2017)


Speed Dating is the ultimate murder mystery, where everyone’s true identity is veiled and the audience is prompted to examine not only the characters but their own value judgements.

Choose your own adventure?

Speed Dating is a truly unique feature film. At the end of the film audiences will be invited to cut & share their own versions by reordering the 29 ‘blocks’ (15 main + 14 interstitial scenes) on a custom built, pay gated website. They will then have the option to save & share their ‘cuts’. Furthermore, down the line, users can purchase their versions on DVD.

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