The Pointless Revolution

Paul’s book, The Pointless Revolution, is ideal for your self-isolation reading list.

Check out samples and/or order the book here:

If time really was money, what would your bottom line be?

What if you could be happy now? Suppose the pay-off didn’t have to wait until after the mortgage, the promotion or the ‘must see before you die’ travel experience?

As Paul would have it, present-day happiness is not only possible but readily achievable. The clues, he says, lie in fields as diverse as economics, Existentialism, evolutionary psychology and neuro-science. And apparently you don’t need to be a genius or a saint to read the signs, do the maths, and re-budget the rest of your life.

To quote him on this, “It’s about spending your non-refundable time on Earth in ways that truly deliver dividends in happiness, freedom and authenticity.

“It’s about risk and reward, but rather than sticking narrowly to finance or business, it uses the economists’ toolkit to help us think with clarity about how we want to invest the most important thing we have; the time we have left.

“Because if time really was money, most of us would probably spend it on something other than what we are right now. Especially our beliefs.”

So yeah, it’s kinda like what Paul likes to call Existential Economics. Sure, it’s counter-intuitive and goes against the grain of what marketing types and self-styled gurus tell us; but then again you’d expect that from Paul.

Keen? Intrigued? Get yourself a paperback copy here – or an ePub copy here.

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