Vision Statement

A Unilateral Declaration of Indissoluble Humanity

Whatever may be said of me – good, bad or otherwise – whatever qualities may be attributed or denied, I remain simply and entirely human. Therefore, I am NOT a brand. Neither am I a product or a service. My life is NOT a television programme and I shall not participate in workshops intended to make me view it as such. I am a person. Flawed, often ridiculous, inconsistent and quite likely deluded – but so much more than a tagline, touch point or brand personality. Henceforth, I shall NOT stay on message. Nor shall I abdicate personal responsibility to the system; because there IS no system – only people like me. 100% organic. Citizen before consumer. Human before job description. Real, rather than a stat; and wholly responsible for the things that I choose. Which is why I choose this: to be an indissoluble, complex creature, as opposed to a unit of utility or an item for sale. My name is my own; it does NOT belong on a label.

– Paul Ransom, September 2015.